Development Advice

Development Advice is the critical first step we recommend clients obtain before purchasing land or deciding on a particular form of development for a given site.

GSA Planning offers extensive experience from having worked with almost every Council in New South Wales and a number in Queensland.

This detailed knowledge of how various Councils operate is often very helpful for clients. More importantly, the subtle differences and interpretation of these controls can be critical to the success of a project. Obtaining reliable and timely advice at the commencement of the development process can save clients a considerable amount of time and money.

Due Diligence is a more detailed level of advice frequently sought by clients for major projects. We frequently prepare this detailed advice in conjunction with other experts to provide clients with the most detailed level of advice prior to committing to major purchases.

Development Assessment is regularly undertaken by our planning team for developers and Councils. For developers this form of assessment does include Statements of Environmental Effects which are discussed under statutory planning. However, peer reviews of projects and the assessment of the likely implications of draft planning controls are frequently undertaken for developers.

​Councils also regularly engage our services to assess development of a controversial nature. Assessment for the Land and Environment Court is dealt with the under heading of Expert Evidence.