Expert Evidence

Our Managing Director, Gary Shiels, and our Director, George Karavanas, are our most experienced and qualified planners and therefore the ones who normally provide expert evidence in the Land and Environment Court.

In particular, our Managing Director has been a court appointed expert on more than twenty-five separate occasions and provided expert evidence on behalf of a developer or Council over the past 30 years on more occasions than can be recalled. A list of matters that our Managing Director and Director have been involved in over the past few years are included below.

  • Cove Residential Pty Ltd v Wollondilly Shire Council LEC No. 2017/82976
  • Jewish Learning Centre Ltd v Waverley Council 2017 NSW LEC 1276
  • Jewish Learning Centre Ltd v Waverley Council Proceedings No. 2016/00374762
  • Attard & Attard and Transport for NSW Proceedings Nos. 31254 and 31256 of 2012
  • Transport for NSW ats Sultana (Class 3 Proceedings) Proceedings No. 39303 of 2013
  • Bonomo v Transport for NSW (Class 3 Proceedings) Proceedings No. 2014 NSW LEC 25
  • Gergely & Pinter Architects P/L v Woollahra Municipal Council Proceedings No. 10833 of 2010
  • de Battista v Transport for NSW (Class 3 Proceedings) Proceedings No. 30122 of 2013
  • Jameson v Rail Corporation NSW (Class 3 Proceedings) Proceedings No. 30192 of 2013
  • Artro Management v Sydney City Council
  • Warringah Council v Mosman Church of England PS
  • Ann Kelly v Goulburn Mulwaree Council
  • Warringah Council v Frank Minnici
  • Lifestyle Manor v Waverley Council
  • Planit Consulting v Tweed Shire Council
  • Wollondilly Shire Council v Antoun & El Skaf
  • Cristovao Pty Ltd v Canada Bay Council
  • Bespoke Properties Pty Limited ATF Araluen Road Trust v Gosford City Council
  • Freer v Waverley Council
  • NRS Group v Cowra Shire Council
  • Heymann-Cohen Pty Ltd v Waverley Council
  • Newton Denny Chapelle v Ballina Shire Council