Master Planning

GSA Planning has qualified planners, urban designers, architect and traffic engineers, covering a number of disciplines for the preparation of masterplans for major sites.

We regularly work with external architects and multi disciplinary teams in the preparation of detailed masterplans for large developments. Examples of the masterplans that we have had a major role in preparing include:

• Cobaki Lakes in Northern New South Wales;
• The Link Site in Campbelltown; and
• The Prince Henry Redevelopment at Little Bay.

Urban Design now plays an integral role in the planning process. It remains the bridge between planning and architecture and can often mean the difference between the success or failure of a project. Our appreciation of three dimensional forms, context and the need to consider the character of a locality is often of great assistance to architects and clients. We are seen by architects as being a ‘sounding board’ and a necessary part of design development rather than a competitor. In addition to the urban design advice provided on all projects, some of the more substantial projects include the following:

• The Minto Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP);
• The Double Bay Urban Design Land Study;
• The Tweed 2000 Strategic Plan; and
• The Burwood Town Centre Strategy LEP and DCP.